Uses Of Video Surveillance

The rise in criminal cases is certainly a worrying aspect of modern society. Everyday burglaries and other criminal acts occur all over the world, and no place is virtually safe from criminals. This is why there is a need for heightened security measures, and with the use of technology, new products have been invented to facilitate guarding and surveillance. One of the best known inventions in use today is the Closed Circuit Television cameras, better known by their shortened name: CCTV cameras. Originally they were only used by government services and large scale corporations due to the high cost, but now they are available for fairly lower prices for general purpose and civilian use. This has enabled many people to finally find a cheap and reliable way to protect themselves and their belongings; these cameras can be used singly or in tandem with other security systems. Nowadays these little devices are becoming more and more common. Below are some of their most popular uses:•    Traffic Monitoring – With the ever increasing number of accidents and thefts in large towns and cities, installing CCTV cameras Melbourne in key locations such as junctions has enabled the police to better manage the flow of traffic, issue tickets for reckless driving as well as a means of examining vehicle crashes in a more efficient way.•    Home Security – Video surveillance is a good thief repellent, as they always try to avoid locations with a good security system.  The main reason they really help reduce vandalism and burglary is because it is easy to be caught on the act by properly mounted cameras, which will likely blow a thief’s cover and his chances to escape the law.•    In Vehicles – Mounting cameras in vehicles is becoming increasingly popular, especially in vehicles dedicated to public transportation such as buses, trains and taxis. As with home security systems, they help immensely in the case of protection against criminals, while they can provide solid evidence in the event of crashes with other vehicles or pedestrians.•    Business Surveillance – A business can benefit immensely from video surveillance. As in the case of home security, it helps to prevent theft and burglary, during both working and non-working hours. Not only that, it can even help the business owner to check on his or her employees, ensuring that they perform their tasks correctly and on time, and whether regular maintenance of business premises is made. Any high-risk business which involves money handling such as banks), storage areas and warehouse are some of the places that must be under videos surveillance at all times.•    Any highly frequented public place – This includes places such as shopping complexes, malls, stations, schools and the like, where many people pass by every day.