Where Do We Use Personal Computer?

Where Do We Use Personal Computer?

We are living in the 21st Century. This century is all about the technology. We have highly dependent on the technology these days. From the day 1 of a birth, we need technology. All the hospitals that we have seen are now a days uses technology. For the child birth to the diagnosis of the diseases, we need technology and machines. So, there is no single domain or a sector which has no intervention of technology.

A technology has made our life easy. Also, it has been decreasing the load of human labour. The efficiency of work has also been increased. The tasks which earlier was done in an hour now we can easily do in half of its time. So, thanks to the technology because we just need to use our brains rather than our body.

The Sectors:

Following are the sectors which cat survive without the presence of technology.

  • Educational Institutes:

Whether it’s a college, school or a university, everyone uses computer. They teach the students with power point slides. In this way, the teaching is way easier. We can easily share the documents without having a threat of being missed. We just need an email address and we can share our written documents with anyone. Also, the learning has become friendly. Teachers put more effort in delivering the lectures rather than writing on a white board. It saves their time and energy and the results are amazing.

  • Office:

In office, we have to save documents to show to the higher authorities. Also, the data is highly confidential. When we do paper work then there are chances of leakage of information. But soft copy can’t be getting out on a piece of paper until or unless, we get a print of it. So, in this way, the computer plays a vital role in saving the relevant information without having a fear of getting it leaked or out.

  • Hotels:

A whole list of people who have been staying, who ae coming to stay, and who had stay and for how long, all are saved in the records.  A hotel needs to have a record of all the information of the guests related to their stay. We can’t manually do it on daily basis. So, even here, computer play a vital role in keeping all the record. We can easily take put all the records by clicking one button.

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