Seven Products To Install For Aiding The Elderly


Whether you’re setting up new equipment in the home for your elderly parents, or you’re looking to install new systems in the nursing home you own, you should know about some of the products available. Here is a handy list to some of the useful items that can make life for the elderly much more convenient and simple.

Wheelchair AccessibilityYou will need to install ramps where there are steps or elevations, as well as a chair lift (also known as a stair lift) in the case of stairways. There are foldable and automatically unfolding ramps available, which can be removed and carried around as well.

Grab RailsGrab rails can be installed anywhere where the senior citizens need something to hold on to when steadying, lifting, or lowering themselves. Rails can be installed near the toilet and in the bath area, along with anti-slip mats, special seating, and the right hand shower kit. If there is a bath tub, make sure to put in special bath grab rails as well.

Button or Remote-Operated SystemsWhile you can’t remote-operate everything, technology has advanced enough for most things to be automated. If you can afford it, you can automate most of the systems in the house, even the doors, drawers, and appliances.

Transfer BenchesThese are special seats that can help the elderly to get in and out of bath areas, tubs, and wheelchairs, with minimal or zero assistance. These are often used for shower seats, as the individual can easily get into the bathroom, use the hand shower kit to wash themselves, and just as easily get back out.

Safety Proof DevicesIf you can afford the high tech stuff, you should consider alerts and alarms that are equipped with sensors. This way, you won’t have to rely on any human to report or raise alarms for incidents or emergencies. There are devices that can do this for you, directly alerting medical professionals if the person lives alone. The best monitoring systems can even use sensors to alert relatives or emergency services in case of a fall.

Automatic Pill DispensersThese are locked and tamper-proof, and can be programmed according to the prescriptions. They also alert you when supplies are running low.

Pre-Programmed PhonesSmartphones may not be ideal for the elderly, but manual phones are available that can be pre-programmed with important numbers, both of emergency services and relatives. Voice activation makes using these phones easy and convenient. These are just a few of the most useful and innovative devices and equipment that can be installed in your home or nursing home to ease the burdens of the elderly and those who care for them. For more info about shower handrail, visit